Love Is a Classroom

How do we include all children, regardless of their native language, behaviors, abilities, and disabilities, in a general education classroom? Do the challenges outweigh the benefits? These are the questions Andrew was forced to confront as an early childhood educator. In Love Is a Classroom, Andrew chronicles a pivotal year in his teaching career.

When he took the position at Vista Elementary School, he was confident he knew everything there was to know about including all children in his classroom. But the children and their families taught him so much more. Throughout the school year, they transformed his perspective on what it truly means to create a classroom inclusive for all children. Love Is a Classroom follows his journey of understanding how to overcome barriers in plain sight and create high-quality, meaningful, inclusive experiences for all children, their families, and early childhood professionals through the power of collective advocacy, compassion, and perseverance

What readers are saying

“I was completely captivated reading Love Is a Classroom. The personal details Andrew provides in his journey are so relatable. He brought humor and joy to an emotional story of creating a loving classroom inclusive to all.”

-Henriette Nash, Retired early childhood special educator. Douglas County School District

“Love Is A Classroom is an incredibly touching and insightful journey. I was deeply moved by the powerful storytelling and profound understanding of the challenges faced by families and educators. This heartwarming book beautifully depicts the transformative power of love in fostering meaningful connections between teachers and the families they serve.”

Eva Gulotta, Speech Language Pathologist, Shorewood School District

“I read Love Is a Classroom each night as a way to unwind at the end of the day. I struggled to put it down when my time was up. How on earth Andrew made it through that school year?!?!?! My mind was spinning each time I read about it, unable to even fathom facing everything he did.”

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